E. Additional Public Service

Number Last Name State Legislature Colonial Government Other
1 Washington   House of Burgesses (1758-1774)
Continental Congress (1774-1775)
President (Constitutional Convention)
2 Adams   Massachusetts Legislature (1768-1774)
Continental Congress (1774-1777)
Diplomat (France)
Diplomat (the Netherlands)
Diplomat (Great Britain)
3 Jefferson   House of Burgesses (1769-1774)
Continental Congress (1783-1784)
Minister (France)
Continental Congress (Virginia)
House of Delegates (Virginia)
4 Madison   Virginia House of Delegates (1776-1777)
Continental Congress (1780-1783)
House of Delegates (Virginia)
Delegate (Virginia Convention)
Member (Council of State)
Delegate (Annapolis Convention)
5 Monroe   Virginia Assembly (1782-1783)
Continental Congress (1783-1786)
Minister (France)
Special Envoy (Paris)
Minister (Great Britain)
6 Adams Massachusetts (1802)   Minister (the Netherlands)
Minister (Prussia)
Minister (Russia)
Minister (Great Britain)
7 Jackson  
Justice of the Superior Court (Tennessee)
8 Van Buren New York (1812-1820)
9 Harrison Ohio (1819-1821)
Secretary (Northwest Territory)
Delegate (United States House)
Minister (Colombia)
Governor (Indiana Territory)
10 Tyler Virginia (1811-1816)   House of Delegates (Virginia)
11 Polk Tennessee (1823-1825)   Speaker of the House (United States)
12 Taylor      
13 Fillmore New York (1829-1831)
Comptroller (New York)
14 Pierce New Hampshire (1829-1833)
Speaker of State Legislature (New Hampshire)
15 Buchanan Pennsylvania (1814-1815)
Minister (Russia)
Minister (Great Britain)
16 Lincoln Illinois (1834-1842)   Postmaster (New Salem, Illinois)
17 Johnson Tennessee (1835-1837)   Alderman of Greenville (Tennessee)
Mayor of Greenville (Tennessee)
House of Representatives (Tennessee)
State Senator (Tennessee)
Military Governor (Tennessee)
18 Grant      
19 Hayes  
City Solicitor (Cincinnati, Ohio)
20 Garfield Ohio (1859-1861)
21 Arthur  
Collector (Port of New York)
22 and 24 Cleveland     Sheriff (Erie County, New York)
Mayor (Buffalo, New York)
23 Harrison      
25 McKinley  
26 Roosevelt New York (1882-1884)
United States Civil Service Commission
President (New York Police Board)
Assistant Secretary (Navy)
27 Taft  
Commissioner (Philippines)
Governor-General (Philippines)
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1921-1930)
28 Wilson      
29 Harding Ohio (1899-1903)   Lieutenant Governor (Ohio)
30 Coolidge Massachusetts (1912-1915)   General Court (Massachusetts)
Mayor (Northampton, Massachusetts)
Senate President (Massachusetts)
Lieutenant Governor (Massachusetts)
31 Hoover  
Head of Commission for Relief (Belgium)
Food Administrator (United States)
Director (American Relief Administration)
32 Roosevelt New York (1911-1913)
33 Truman  
Judge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Presiding Judge (Jackson County, Missouri)
34 Eisenhower     Supreme Commander (NATO)
35 Kennedy      
36 Johnson    Director, National Youth Administration (Texas)
37 Nixon  
38 Ford  
House Minority Leader (United States)
39 Carter Georgia (1963-1967)
40 Reagan      
41 Bush     Ambassador (United Nations)
Chairman (Republican National Committee)
Chief Liaison (China)
Director (Central Intelligence Agency)
42 Clinton     Attorney General (Arkansas)
43 Bush  
44 Obama Illinois (1997-2004)    
 45 Trump